10 things to know about segregation effecting education in Boston
The purpose of this book is to raise issues of segregation effecting education system in Boston. Boston may be renowned to have spectacular education in colleges and universities but with public schools, there exists many problems including discrimination towards the minorities.  
Even after Massachusetts Legislative outlawed racially segregated schools since 1855, segregation still proceeds today where minorities get less opportunity for accessing proper education. Although bringing up the issue of segregation in the historic times may have brought vast attention and ideas to create a better, diverse environment, segregation is still happening today with many people not acknowledging this specific issue.  
This idea of segregation in education needs to be addressed to education committee especially in one of the most diverse city in United States. There are many organizations and people who try to improve this situation but it would be much more effective and cooperative if one learns about the origin and how it is preceded today.
Beginning chapters will explore the historic events and as it proceeds, it will touch upon the situation in modern days. Abstract painting illustrations of each page shows generalized idea of each chapter. There are 4 colors in the painting to represent each race, which are white, black, red (Hispanic), and yellow (Asian).
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