“Let’s help the earth. Turn off lights, don’t let water flow when you brush your teeth!” “Look at the polar bear on melting ice suffering!” “Climate change is real.”
In the media or public, we constantly encounter articles or posters that raise the problem about climate change and provide people with the most overused scenarios. In addition, people do not physically see consequences of climate change since it is a gradual and indirect process. Generic representation and lack of experience regarding climate change results people to become insensitive towards this issue.
Instead of promoting people’s apathetic attitudes towards climate change, I will approach the data non-traditionally to make a big impact, helping them understand the urgency along with consequences.
I created an interactive map focusing on sea level rise in Boston. The map consists of two sections: game and information. In the first part of section, while user plays the game, one will see consequence based on the daily basis action. Second section, the user will explore Boston's iconic facts/locations/buildings and sources of energy which will help user understand which areas are being affected and see the consequences.
First part: Game  

Second part: Informative section
mock up of the BOSTON LATER interactive map
process book: includes all my research, sketches and wireframes 
poster on BOSTON LATER. was used to advertise for my degree presentation. 
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