Who am I
Charcoal Pencil
31 x 70 inches
Charcoal pencil, watercolor
19 x 20 inches
Inner Conflicts
Charcoal Pencil
36 x 35 inches
In this piece there is a man that seems normal with a non-expressive face but on the right side of his face shows the process of becoming mad. This piece shows the emotions people tend to hide and keep to themselves. The normal expression of the man in this piece is the expression that people portray most of the time. Although a person may seem happy or normal, there is always another emotion hidden underneath. The society tends to suppress their emotions because they are afraid of being judged. People don’t want to show that they are weak and don’t want to expose to criticism. They are always feeling insecure and are always protecting their pride. A person’s emotion can show vulnerability and can sometimes hurt others as well. This art piece represents one of the hidden emotions the man tries to suppress.
Beauty in human mind
Charcoal pencil, watercolor
29 x 75 inches
I chose to use only one animal in this piece to make the message simple. The peacock used in this piece represents the beauty of one’s personality. The elegant, attractive, gorgeous patterns of the peacock’s tail are the characteristics that reveal its magnificent beauty. I believe that everyone has their own way of expressing their inner beauty and their mind. Thus, the peacock placed under the human figure is surreal because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is not real but it is an encapturement of our idea of beauty in our mind. So the way people perceive beauty varies amongst the society and it all comes down to personality.  A person’s characteristics are what make them beautiful. 
Different Personalities
Charcoal Pencil, watercolor
29 x 75 inches
In this piece, I merged 4 different animals behind the human figure. The animals represent the persons’ unstable personality. I believe one’s personality is never constant because of many external factors. The animals drawn in the piece are deer, snake leopard and bird, which can represent many different characteristics. A deer can represent a calm personality while a leopard can represent a fierce side of a person. The snake represents the sneaky personality and the bird represents a person’s independence. The animals are portrayed behind the person showing that their personality cannot be seen. This piece shows the hidden unstable personality that the person is afraid to show to the society.
I chose this piece to be a life-sized artwork because it is easier to portray the animals and the human figure. It is important to show the animals since they represent the different sides of the human that cannot be seen by the naked eyes. The viewer can also easily relate to the artwork because it is like a reflection upon the society. Also it gives me the freedom to express my techniques as an artist. I am able to show the details of the hair, cloth, and other features drawn and painted on the piece. I chose to use black shades for the human figure and colors on animals so both objects can be easily seen.
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